Often, affected people need to tell their story in order to show the significance and scope of the German Cooperation with Afghanistan.

Take the women in Mazar-e Sharif, who work in a newly constructed bakery training centre where they offer delicious baked goods and pass on their knowledge to other bakers. New recipes, baking techniques and marketing opportunities are on the agenda. In this way, the women can contribute to their families’ income and have a job that they like.

Or, take the policewoman that can live up to her own expectations thanks to a literacy course. Today, she can write complaints, document violations of the law and forward them to the appropriate authorities all by herself. In this way, she supports women in particular to make use of their rights.

These stories give a face to the German Cooperation with Afghanistan. We have collected impressive stories showcasing people whose lives have been significantly influenced thanks to the German Cooperation’s activities in Afghanistan.


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The market helps us to develop a common understanding and contributes to the stability in the border area.
Every Saturday, 8 o’clock in the morning, the Tem market in Khorog, Tajikistan, opens for traders, customers and visitors from both sides of the Panj River at the Afghan-Tajik border. Colourful clothes and regional food items, books and learning material, hygiene products as well as toys are...
We now have a real home with two rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom.
She was a displaced person for 20 years: five years in her own country, followed by 15 years in Pakistan. She lived her life in tents and camps, always without a permanent home. Three years ago, she decided she had had enough: Bibi Wazir and her nephew went back home to Afghanistan, specifically to...
Now the girls have an opportunity to learn how to use modern computer software. That will hugely increase their future opportunities on the labour market.
Model schools serve as examples for other schools, set standards and demonstrate good teaching and good school management.
Police officers are an important pillar of our society. I want to help them fulfil this duty better through their ability to read and write.
A police officer is issued with a warrant to arrest a suspect. However, he does not know who he is supposed to arrest. A search for a car is made more difficult by the fact that he cannot read registration plates. And a complaint made by a villager cannot be passed on to the relevant departments...
We now have the perfect conditions to train young specialists in a range of disciplines.
A senior doctor is doing his morning rounds in the Abu Ali Sina Balkhi teaching hospital in Mazar-e Sharif. An older man with a slightly worried expression looks at the doctor, who is carefully bending over his bed. He expertly feels the patient’s body, checks the infusion and discusses the...
The things that I have learned in Germany, I am passing on to my students and the German department.
Khalil Mohammad Sarbaz was lucky to attend Amani High School in Kabul. The elite school, which received support from Germany, was recognised for setting standards in modern education – in teaching German as a foreign language and for its qualified German teachers.
We have an extremely well-appointed clinic, especially compared with other rural health centres.
Drive for about an hour out of Taloqan, the capital of Takhar province, across a sandy, rock-strewn landscape, and you reach the village of Galabatur. There is an air of sleepy tranquillity about the place – but around one of the buildings, situated on a low promontory, there is a buzz of activity...
Without education, people don’t develop. Neither does the country they live in.
Sarajuddin has been a teacher for 30 years and it is still his dream job: “If people remain uneducated and uninformed, they can’t fulfil their dreams and visions. Without education, people don’t develop. Neither does the country they live in. That’s why, even as a young man, I wanted to become a...